An Early Start to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

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Monday, 12 April 2010 22:09
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Did you know that in the morning before breakfast is considered the best time to exercise if you are trying to lose weight and burn fat?

Besides the cardiovascular and mood-enhancing benefits, exercise helps you slim down and become more toned. However, for optimal fat burning, it's just as important to plan when you work-out as to what exercises you will do.

As it turns out, early morning exercise is best. Studies have shown that working out on an empty stomach forces your body to burn much more fat than it would have later in the day. How does this work?

When you awaken in the morning, your body has gone without food for approximately 8 hours. Your insulin levels are low; your glucose and glycogen levels are low as well. Each of these factors contributes to burning more stored fat and thus losing the type of weight you want to lose. However, if you eat before you workout, your body has to burn off what you just ate before it can tap into your fat reserves.

Early morning exercise appears to also have a metabolism boost as well. This means that you tend to continue to burn calories for hours even after the work out is over. Combining weight training in your morning routine is a powerful one, two punch for weight loss. Weight training builds muscles which dramatically affects fat loss. By doing it in the morning, you have an even more extended metabolic rate increase.

Whether this fulfills some ancient instinct to expend energy before we could have food as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did, morning exercise appears to restore the natural order of things for a holistic balance and normal weight.

For optimal fat loss, consider setting the clock a little earlier and blending when you exercise into your weight loss program.

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